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CHEX Token Model

The Commodity & Holdings Exchange (CHEX) Token innovation merges previously unlinked market makers.

Subscribed business users such as Producers, Distributors and Retailers accumulate CHEX Token rewards when their platform activity boosts the CHEX Ecosystem. This financially complements core CHEX Token utility to serve as a transaction medium of exchange (digital currency) between businesses to support accrual of higher market rate for sellers and discounts for buyers.

Individual user brokerage accounts can also earn and participate in the CHEX Ecosystem by affiliating with active market orders to assist facilitating B2B transactions. Cannabis Hemp Exchange (CHEX) is the first active premium service using the CHEX Token Platform. Our robust and modular exchange technology can and will be adapted for other industries while CHEX Token units bind them all onto a decentralized, blockchain-secured financial layer. See white paper detailing these systems and more.



Cannabis Hemp Exchange (CHEX) and the underlying blockchain network enhancements have been in development since Q3 2014. Throughout development, The CHEX, Inc. has formed a close network of strategic partners and affiliates. All of whom believe in ethical, socially-responsible business practices to ensure technology uplifts the quality and optimization standards of all parties involved.
Powering wholesale Cannabis distribution in California and Colorado.

Our early clients are strategic partners to demonstrate Proof of Concept. We have launched private marketplace software platforms that provide a technology advantage for 2 beta clients (California distributor Pacific Wholesale Network, Colorado producer High Frequencies) to distribute cannabis commodity and finished product inventory efficiently. A 3rd client platform (California distributor CaliDistribution) is launching by Fall 2017. More new client demand exists than available resources to support it until additional funding is secured.


In phase 2 of the CHEX business plan, client platforms will be integrated to ‘push’ excess inventory supply to seed public commodity exchange platforms – that we will host on regional regulatory levels, and match with demand in increasingly anticipated buyer markets – to onboard centralized marketplace adoption required for efficient commodity market operation with complete information.

Licensed wholesale Buyers and Sellers in the global Cannabis industry.

Our target user base is licensed Producers (Cultivators, Processors), Distributors and Retailers in regulated free markets of Cannabis (Marijuana and Industrial Hemp).

Our goal and ability is to achieve critical mass such that new users contribute to network effects on the CHEX platform to provide value toward improved programmatic wholesale connections for transaction counterparties, complete market information for market participants and speculators, and increased regulatory transparency benefit.

Disruptive strategic partnerships and integrations to move the needle forward.

Our key strategic partners are forward thinking innovators that leverage technology based platforms for optimized solutions in specific Cannabis industry verticals.

Companies such as Tokken (blockchain banking), Grownetics (cultivation AI) and GreenRush (on demand consumer marketplace) have made a mark in the industry, and provide complementary integration value to pioneer modern solutions and needed efficiencies with shared client users. Together we can influence the standard by which B2B cannabis is transacted. See business plan regarding additional strategic partnerships focused on quality control, compliance and other critical areas.

Industry wide relationships for advisory and collaboration.

As a wholesale marketplace platform, we must be able and provide incentive to collaborate with everyone in the industry – including competitors at sufficient scale – in order to achieve universal adoption.

After 3 years of building relationships across the entire gamut of this nascent industry, it is clear that upon securing the needed platform adoption we can have a symbiotic relationship with virtually every B2B stakeholder. Affiliate relationships include market participants, testing labs, and a wide range of ancillary services that serve wholesale and retail cannabis businesses.

Scaling in the Cannabis commodity market and beyond.

Our goal and validated potential upon securing sufficient capital for technology development and operational expansion is to convert relationships and organic demand from Producers & Distributors into clients at a rapid pace – to begin scaling the CHEX toward industry wide adoption in the Cannabis (Marijuana and Industrial Hemp) markets.

In phase 3 of the CHEX business plan future, we will dedicate resources to cultivate relationships with industry ambassadors in other commodity markets that we may power. Initial conversations with online commodity marketplace companies revealed significant interest in our platform technology.

Token Sale Terms

Total CHEX Token Supply: 2 Billion (2,000,000,000 CHX)


• 50% (1,000,000,000 CHX) Crowdsale Supply
• 25% (500,000,000 CHX) Partner Holdings
• 25% (500,000,000 CHX) Strategic Supply

The CHEX, Inc. Strategic Supply will be used to incentivize business-class platform users to adopt the CHEX network, for promotional campaigns, and to forge strategic partnerships that enhance the technology and culminate in boosted transaction volume and cross-industry adoption.

Ethereum ERC20 Token
Contribution Methods: BTC, ETH & Altcoins



In strategic partnership with eCann, Inc. we have developed a vast suite of robust marketplace systems. The initial comprehensive exchange foundation powers commodity exchange with advanced features and a social network. Responding to demand we followed with the storefront system which enabled powering private distribution for commodity and finished products. The CHEX, Inc. has successfully launched B2B beta platforms with partner clients and now seeks contribution to expand our business and technological efforts.
  • CHEX Exchange


  • CHEX Storefront

    Q4 2016

  • CHEX B2B
    Beta Launch

    Q2 2017

  • Token Sale

    July 21, 2017

  • Token Sale

    October 29, 2017

  • Final Stage Dev
    & Expansion

    Q4 2017

  • CHEX Master Suite
    v1.0 Launch

    Q2 2018


Token Sale Opens

July 21, 2017

1 Billion CHEX Tokens (CHX) go on sale. Anyone can buy and use CHX. Contribute Bitcoin, Ethereum or Altcoins to receive an allotment of CHX.


Token Sale Closes

October 29, 2017

100 Days after the Token Sale opens contributions will be halted. The amount sold will give The CHEX, Inc. a boost for expanding the CHEX business and brand.


Final Stage Development and Expansion

Q4 2017

Develop new systems, such as internal exchanges for payment medium and brokerage accounts, native mobile apps and full compliance. Expand CHEX team and client base.


CHEX Master Suite v1.0 Launch

Q2 2018 

Our first end-to-end product platform will be launched. From the base CHEX Token layer to a fully upgraded Cannabis Commodity Exchange.


Our core team has worked incessantly for 3 years to build all of the CHEX technology from concept to beta launch. We have synced closely with industry leaders to satisfy the broad array of needed features for the Cannabis industry (Marijuana and Industrial Hemp). These robust modular systems can be easily adapted for other commodity exchanges that require reliability, verification and automation. See business plan for team bios.



eCann, Inc. DBA eCann Media is an active owner and operator in a growing portfolio of 16 companies in the legal Cannabis industry with business in the U.S. and Canada. By establishing successful brands and platforms across strategic market verticals with a focus on big data aggregation, eCann companies contribute to network effects within the partnership ecosystem.
eCann Media CEO. 16 years developing marketplace platforms. Industry agnostic expertise leading creation of brands and go-to-market strategies. Marketing Innovator.
EDDIE MILLER / CHEX Chairman & Chief Sales Officer
eCann Media CTO. Salesforce Super Admin. Dreamforce conference presenter on Big Data strategy. Managed 25+ marketplace platforms with Eddie.
BORIS TSIBELMAN / CHEX Technical Advisor
eCann Media Founder. 13 years in California Cannabis industry. Co-founder of strategic business advisory and trading companies. Sales & Marketing Executive.
eCann Media CCO. Creative trajectory lead. Oversees design and branding for portfolio of digital enterprises. Develops and optimizes business process workflows.
DAVID OSORNO / CHEX Creative Advisor

Frequently Asked Questions
Blockchain tokens de-mystified and CHEX approach.

You can receive your CHEX Tokens immediately if you provide an ERC20 compliant ethereum address during the contribution process. However, CHEX Tokens will remain locked and non-transferrable from your wallet until one day after the token sale ends. If you do not supply an ERC20 address then your tokens will be stored within your registered account in the 'MY TOKENS' tab on the Contribution Page.
Wallet services that give you access to loading token contracts within the wallet software are ERC20 compliant. Examples of such are MyEtherWallet, Mist, Parity, & Ethereum Wallet.

DO NOT USE: Ethereum addresses that you obtain from exchanges such as Coinbase or Poloniex. Your tokens will be lost if you do not use an ERC20 compliant wallet.
Contract address: 0xbcfF2D15c698d3874bC29Aa170c89Fd7a6146A4B
Token name: CHEX Token
Token symbol: CHX
Decimals: 18
The Cannabis Industry is in its infancy. New technologies and business processes are perfectly suited for a brand new industry such as Cannabis and Industrial Hemp. We, at The CHEX, are using the latest technological and user experience innovations to power commodity and products exchange. We've also invented new ways to optimize transactions and will launch our Master Suite with a game changing ecosystem that binds independent market makers to grow off of each other. We have already launched two proof of concept exchange and storefront platforms. With the boost of the CHEX Token platform we can propagate the technology to other commodity and products industries. Stay tuned for announcements regarding our many developing partnerships!

Stay informed on when to participate.